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   Much of the red granite used for ancient temples and colossi came from quarries in the Aswan area. Around these quarries are many inscriptions, many of which describe successful quarrying projects. The Unfinished Obelisk located in the Northern Quarry still lies where a crack was discovered as it was being hewn from the rock. Possibly intended as a companion to the Lateran Obelisk, originally at Karnak but now in Rome, it would have weighed over 2.3 million pounds and would have been the worlds largest piece of stone ever handled. However, a crack in the stone occurred, which caused it to be abandoned. Tools left by it's builders have given us much insight into how such work was performed. The site has recently been renovated and equipped with tourist facilities. Nearby is the Fatimid Cemetery.
   The Aswan High Dam was a great project! In fact it was one of the most important achievements of the last century in Egypt, for many years symbolising the New Era after 1952. Today It provides Egypt with water and electricity, and secures the country from the risk of the destructive inundation of the River Nile.
   Built during the Greco-Roman era and dedicated to Goddess Isis, the Egyptian goddess of Magic. The temple was reorganized on the island of Agilkia as it was on Philae Island. The construction of this temple consists of the Mammisi, which is in the center and the ambulatory is behind it, then there are two pylons to the north and to the south.
*  To the left of the smaller pylon, there is the main temple of goddess Isis. To the right of the large pylon, there is the long open court which extends to the south of the island.
*  Ptolemy I made this island to be a cult center of goddess Isis to create a struggle between the priests of goddess Isis - which was the goddess of Philae temple - and the priests of god Khunum. According to this struggle, he could be able to know what happened in the southern borders of the country.
   Kitchener's Island is one of two major islands on the Nile in vicinity of Aswan, the other one being Elephantine. Elephantine is much larger than Kitchener's Island and located between Kitchener's Island and the city of Aswan (east bank).

The island was given to Lord Kitchener as a reward for his services in the Sudan Campaign (1896-1898).

With the aid of the Ministry of Irrigation, Kitchener rapidly transformed the small 750 metres (2,460 ft) long island into a paradise of exotic trees and plants in carefully gardens with view walkways. It later passed into the property of the Egyptian government and was used as a research station for examining different food and cash crops.
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The tour duration is 8 hours approximately.
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